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LinkedIn. . . how to do it better (lesson 1 your headline)

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Your headline is incredibly important for your LinkedIn profile if you are looking for a new role.

It is a key element in any LinkedIn Search and is the number 1 item which comes up after your name.

When recruiters & companies are searching for people with the right skill set to fill a vacancy, what do you think they type into their search on LinkedIn? Do you think they type in:

…‘Immediately available?’

… ‘Seeking Employment?’

… ‘Looking for next opportunity?’


They type in phrases & titles such as:

…‘Programme Manager’

…‘Oracle DBA’

…‘Payroll Consultant’

…‘HR Manager’

They type in WHAT they are looking for.

If you type in ‘Immediately Available’ you get a completely random set of skill sets & people.

Put yourself in a recruiters shoes & make it easy for them to find you.

Use your headline to sell your skills & expertise e.g.:

✒ Programme & Project Manager | Transformation & Change Delivery

✒ Health & Safety Consultant | Construction | Onshore & Offshore Energy

✒ Trainer | Coach | Mentor

To ‘do LinkedIn better’ pick a headline which sells you & will show up in searches.

Anything else to add, please write in the comments below.

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