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How to do LinkedIn Better . . . Lesson 12. The Art of the Introduction

When things are tough and you need help getting a foot in the door getting an introduction is pretty invaluable. Where

- There is a trusted relationship

- People know each other

- They have been connected for a number of years

Getting that introduction can be the difference between being noticed . . . and not. Especially in times where competition is fierce for example there are a lot less Director roles out there than Business Analyst roles and your competition will be fierce (though in saying that the BA market is also pretty fierce at present).

How do you ask for an introduction?

Be upfront and honest. If there is someone in your network who is connected with someone you would like to speak to, ask them to provide an introduction and explain why e.g. ‘I noticed a connection of yours has posted a role and wonder since we have worked together if you would be happy to provide an introduction and recommendation?’

You have nothing (or very little) to lose –

- They either say Yes, happy to and do it, or

- Actually, I don’t really know them that well but let me see what I can do, or

- I’m not comfortable doing that because I don’t really know them, or

- They’ll ignore you message completely.

- The worst case scenario is they come back and say ‘No, sorry, I won’t recommend you’ in that case do some soul searching identify why (if you can) and either work to fix it or move on. . . I’ve not had this happen yet but it is always a possibility. But without taking a chance, nothing changes.

How do you provide an introduction?

I love providing introductions, especially if both parties are really well known to me and usually do it in the following way.

- Create a LI message in include both parties

- Create a headline which says ‘introduction’

- Then write something to the following effect

‘Hi both, I would really like to introduce you both as think you may have some common ground.

Person A – Person B is . . . create an intro . . . ‘ a fantastic Project Manager whom I worked with at [insert Company Name], throughout that time I never knew them to miss a deadline, lose their cool or sense of humour. They also have a penchant for plying their teams with cupcakes which made them the most popular task master I have ever known.

Person B – I have known Person A for a number of years and . . . create an intro . . . in fact they have found me 2 assignments and also connected me with a number of people who have also placed me. In addition they have the highest customer care standards and ethics I have known in a recruiter. Since the first conversation we have built a brilliant professional relationship over the years and subsequently have also become great friends.

I will now leave it to the 2 of you to connect and take the discussion forward. All the best, Sally’

It is so simple to do and I love it when people I value build great relationships with other great people I value.

Be generous and honest with your introductions. Help out your network and they’ll return the favour more often than not.

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