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How to do LinkedIn Better . . . Lesson 8. Only have 1 account!

How many of you have more than 1 LinkedIn account. . . . the first one you set up 15 years ago and forgot about because let’s face it, we didn’t really use LI then for job hunting and networking . . . not like we do today.

LI was launched in 2002 and I know I really didn’t look at it until 2009 and then again didn’t really start to use it until 2014 . . . then it was a learning curve, building a network, keeping in touch, looking for new roles and getting recommendations was all still quite new.

I set up my 1st account in 2009. No picture, no work history, nothing but a name and location.

Then, because I was working, I forgot all about it.


There was a big gap in my employment and I couldn’t get a contract though my normal channels so I started to use LinkedIn to see what I could achieve (this worked!).

However, the old account was still there, with old email address,

and not being used . . . hmmmm

I’ve seen clients with 4 separate LinkedIn accounts from various stages of their lives. Usually because most of us would rather do anything, other than admin.

Most simply don’t know how to merge or close an old account and don’t realise that when someone searches for us our current account comes up as well as all the old ones. . . . yes ALL the old accounts.

Is this what you want? When someone searches for your name for 4 versions of you to come up? No, probably not.

The good news is, it’s painless to close and merge accounts. Here’s how!


1. Pick your primary account . . . you know the one you’ve been updating with all the tips I’ve been providing so your profile is working for you even when you are sitting in the garden enjoying a G&T while the sun shines.

This is the one you will merge the other accounts into – which means any connections those accounts have will be moved to your primary account.

The merge won’t impact your work history in your primary profile or any other details.

2. Click the ‘Me’ icon at top of your LinkedIn homepage.

3. Select Settings & Privacy.

4. Under the Subscriptions section of the Account tab, click Merge Accounts. ...

5. Insert the email address and password for the ac

count you want to close.

6. Click Submit.

That’s it, you’re done.


To simply close an account rather than merging it’s also very simple . . .

1. Login to the account you wish to close

2. Follow steps 1-3 as before

4. Under the Subscriptions section of the Account tab, click ‘close account’

5. Follow the prompts

Once you’ve done that your profile will be tidier than my linen cupboard after lockdown!

It is really that simple . . . though usually old accounts have old email addresses and passwords you haven’t used for a decade so be prepared for a bit of bluurrghhhh while you sort that out. However, knowing only yo

ur best you shows up in searches is worth the peace of mind and the knowledge when a recruiter calls you they will get you.

Please let me know in the comments if you have found this useful or any other topics you would like me to cover.

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