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How to LinkedIn Better - Lesson 3. Advertising Your Availability

So, you want a new role and so far you have:

1. Updated your headline

2. Made sure your profile picture is on fleek.

Well, today you are going to advertise you ARE available and looking for a new role.

The big question is - How do recruiters know you are actively looking if you don’t put it in your headline?

In the 1st part of your profile section there is an option to put in 3-5 roles and locations as well as select who can see this.

Go to your profile.

Step 1. . . select ‘Get Started’ in the ‘show recruiters you’re open . . .’ section.

Step 2 . . . Select the job titles. You must pick between 3 & 5 of them. Start typing in the role and then pick from the LinkedIn options.

Step 3. . . Pick the locations you are willing to work in – you have up to 5 options so if you are prepared to travel keep it open to regions rather than distinct towns e.g. Wiltshire rather than Swindon, or you could just make it UK wide, you can also add in other countries (make sure you have the right visas in place first).

Step 4. . . Choose who can see this. If you are not in post select ‘all LinkedIn members’ – it’s amazing how many non-recruiters have approached me about roles. If you are in post then select ‘only recruiters.’ Note: See this privacy disclaimer for this.

Step 5. . . Once you are happy with the selection, select ‘apply’ and you are done.

Finally, when you’ve found a new role and are no longer on the market you can chose the ‘I’m no longer open’ option and it will wipe everything you have selected.

Hope this helps. Happy hunting!

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