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How to LinkedIn Better. Lesson 4. Your Contact Details

All too often when I am reworking clients LinkedIn profiles I see they haven’t put in any contact details.

This just makes it SO MUCH HARDER for a recruiter to contact you.

Unless you are on LI everyday chances are a message could go several days unanswered. . . . and we all know by then the recruiter has moved on to another candidate or 3.

Let’s face it, if a recruiter can’t pick up the phone and talk to you, they’ve already moved on

They are time poor at the best of times so being hard to contact just ensures you’re not contacted.

Someone else will get that role.

So, how to include your contact details in LinkedIn as follows:

Go to your profile.

Step 1: Select ‘contact info’

Step 2: Put in your details – as a minimum your contact number.

(I also put in my website, my IM options and all the social media links which relate to my business – unless you are promoting a business DON’T do this)

You can even put in your birthday, if you want to.

Save it, and you’re done.

The only time you ever need to go back into there, is if something changes.

So the choice is yours. Put your contact details in. Increase the chance of being contacted about roles . . . or don’t. Because, it’s totally up to you.

Just remember, one of your ‘competitors’ for a role will have their contact details in their profile. If you want them to call dibs, so be it.

. . . and 1 final thing for the love of mermaids have a professional sounding email address. just won’t cut it . . . unless perhaps you are manufacturing and selling chilli sauce.

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