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How to LinkedIn Better. . . Lesson 5. About (You)

This is the most under-utilised section of LinkedIn when it comes to profile creation. Also the most inconsistent. It seems a lot of people don’t understand the purpose of this section.

Think of the ‘about’ section as an introduction to YOU.

I have seen this completely blank!

I have seen this with outlines so brief it could be haiku.

This section of your LinkedIn profile has space for 2,500 characters - you can say a lot with that!

My recommendation is to create a brief introduction showing who you are, what your background is, where you thrive.

It should be 3 paragraphs to create an ‘elevator’ pitch (you have 3 floors in an elevator/lift to pitch yourself. What are you going to say?).

If you have a fantastic recommendation include this as a quote for example:

💡 What others say: ‘Jennifer introduced me to the wonderful world of project management! She made it easy, was supportive with an at times slow learner, and enabled some amazing work to be completed. Jennifer was always a pleasure to work with, keeping the project focused yet creating an enjoyable environment. The value she delivered is immeasurable.’

Underneath that include the headlines which recruiters and employers will search for.

📌 Roles

📌 Skills & Expertise

📌 Industries & Sectors

📌 Education & Certification

📌 Systems & Technology

📌 Methodologies & Frameworks

📌 Languages

Then list the details e.g.:


Project & Programme Manager | Business Change & Transformation Consultant | Change Manager | Subject Matter Expert (SME) | Business Process Expert | Project Lead | Implementation Manager.


Risk & Issue Management | Governance & Compliance | Planning, prioritisation & coordination | Benefits Realisation Delivery.

Continue on with each of the headlines.

The about section is where you promote yourself and make it simple for recruiters to search and identify your skills at a glance.

In fact, if done well, it creates the pitch they can use when talking to potential clients about you.

Don’t sell yourself short.

AND really importantly, remember to spell and grammar check it before adding it. Don’t be afraid to use trusted people to proof read your introduction.

This is helping to create their first impression of you, so make sure you get it right.

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